The Seventh-day Adventist Church sees itself as the remnant Church of end-time Bible prophecy. Members of the Church, individually and collectively, understand their special role as ambassadors of God’s kingdom and messengers of the soon return of Jesus Christ. Seventh-day Adventists have enlisted as co-workers with God in His mission of reclaiming the world from the power and presence of evil, as part of the Great Controversy between Christ and Satan.

Therefore, every aspect of a Church member’s life is influenced by the conviction that we live in the last days described in Bible prophecy and the return of Jesus Christ is imminent. Seventh-day Adventists are called by God to live in this world. Every action of the Christian life is done “in the name of Jesus” and to advance His kingdom.

The most important truth Adventists want to share is a belief in the trustworthy and gracious God of the Bible. Adventists believe in God as Creator, as Savior, but most of all as both Friend and Lord; the God who values most highly the freedom of His created beings, to whom He offers salvation in the present and eternal life in the soon-coming future.

As a result, Adventists place great emphasis on different aspects of human freedom and responsibility, including:

  • religious liberty and human rights
  • humanitarian aid and development
  • better lifestyles
  • health and wholeness
  • education and personal growth
  • social issues and community involvement

Adventists see their adherence to these values as a way of illustrating both faith in the God who cares intimately about every one of Earth inhabitants, and the church commitment to the betterment of fellow human beings.

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12, High St, D Costa Layout, Cooke Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560005
Phone: +91-9916907642
E-Mail: pastor@highstreetsda.org

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7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

9:30 AM to 12:30 PM

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